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Jim Patillo

Mike, my 4 coils have resided on top of the engine since 2002. They’ve worked there without any problems. I replaced them last year just because of all the years and time on them.

I know Klaus didn’t like it but I couldn’t find any place else to put them. Just a point of reference.

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One possible issue.  After shut down the area at the top of the cowl gets very hot!  I always try to point the Q into the wind and open the oil check door to try and keep that heat down.  Coils may not like that heat much?  You may want to put a thermocouple up there to see what it's doing.
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For those interested,  here is where I have decided to mount the ignition coils. Both are below the highest point (the fuel spider).   The two that are mounted to the aluminum plate (nearest the magnet plate) will actually be mounted below the plate;  I didn't have the right hardware so just temp mounted for the photo.



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