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Just to exercise my management degree a bit (and actual experience) a business bankrupts NOT from CHEAP customers but POOR management. Own that, don't pass the buck.
If you price the product for a profit and it is too high, customers won't buy. If they don't buy don't make more, get the hell outta that product, make something else or quit because
YOU didn't understand the market. Freshman economic theory!


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First off Ryan you never paid for a new nose gear. We discontinued making Q parts because it costed us more in time material and labor then the community was willing to pay for it. As of the time we closed the doors on Fast Little Airplanes we had not received or owed anyone money. The Q stuff was given away to one of the members in the RAFM and when he gets some free time here soon he will offer the parts once again. Fact is we had to step away as the Qs were costing us more to support then we were making. By folks being CHEAP and unwilling to pay what it cost to produce parts it bankrupted the business and forced me to let it all go. This attitude among owners is what one member of this group warned me about years ago and I have to concede that he was correct. This is the same reason NVaero had to quit with the KR aircraft. If folks want to continue being cheap the value of the fleet will continue to spiral down and support will continue to disappear. 


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I've talked to Scott. There's some post kit history that makes it complicated. Scott trusted Richard to produce the product. He didn't  No fault of Scott's. Richard owes me a nose gear already. He has owed it to me and not delivered for years. I'm not the only one he's not delivered things to owes to but I've chosen to not make a stink. So I'm trying to solve my own problem. Just looking for data at this point to help me do that. Thanks again, Ryan!


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Hi Ryan,
I would contact Scott Swing at Velocity Aircraft. He built the original Tri-Q conversion kit while working for QAC, and built a limited number of replacement gear for some of us in the early 2000's using the Velocity Aircraft tooling and facilities. He may be willing to build one for a price or at least give you the dimensions and specs. If not maybe Richard Kazmeric would have the specs.
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Anyone have a TriQ nose great they're not in need if and are willing to part with for less than one of my kidneys? Or at the very least one I could pay to have shipped to me for reference for making a new one. I can't seem to find the plans/diagrams etc for the nose gear specifically and mine is toast. Unless maybe I'm just blind and not seeing them in the TriQ conversion plans. In which case I'm happy to be directed to the place my own stupidity is failing to find... Let me know and thanks in advance!!
     Ryan G. COS


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