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A huge thank you to Joanne for all the wonderful pictures and video. Excellent job.

—Dan T.

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The Field of Dreams 2020
Wow! The fun and laughter can't be overstated for the time that was had in Enid, OK this year!  I laughed so hard, as I know many others did too.  We have such a fun group of people who gather for these events that life long friendships are made! 
Wednesday Dave Dugas, Q2 flying for 20 years from Orange Massachusetts, and Rod Herzig, Cozy III arrived after an uneventful clear flight.  Bruce picked them up and we went to Swadley's BBQ to celebrate my Birthday!  It was a great way to celebrate with  friends!  
Thursday,  Phil Lankford, RV6A from CA and John Hoxie, Q2 project,  from NM arrived.  Phil was kind and picked up John in NM on his way thru NM.  John Finley, RV4, NM 2-shipped with them to Enid.   Paul Fisher, Q200, flying 30 years, Iowa, and Kevin Boddicker, Tri Q200 flying 14 years, Iowa also arrived.  With these arrivals the laughter gets louder and the fun continues! Everyone ate at the Barnstomers cafe at the Woodring Airport.  I was working so I joined the party later. Bruce will have to speak to the happenings at the airport.  Looked like lots of hanger time was had. We met Jack and his wife Diane from AZ at the hotel as they came courtesy of SW. Thanks go to Sam Kittle for inviting them to join us! I wanted everyone to experience Braum's so we all gathered for supper there.  The Burgers are wonderful and the Ice Cream is the best!!! After supper, the party continued at my house with comradery, guitar playing and more laughter and fun!
Bruce: The group was able to see a local Sub-Sonex Jet at WDG and visit with the pilot builder. Other projects were seen on the field-RV6, The  ML Becker Aviation museum and Vietnam memorial wall were also visited by some. 
Friday am I served Egg Bake and sticky buns at the hotel since there was only a bag breakfast due to Covid-19.  The hotel has a great room we used.  The Massachusetts guys learned they like Egg bake!!! I was told by the hotel staff, that they really missed some of you Q folks!  Jim and Mary, they even knew what room you wanted!!!  Alan you were mentioned also!   The Hotel staff love having us!  The group headed to the airport to see a jet take off-Bruce will fill you in.  Sam Kittle, Q2-coming next year,  arrived in his sports car rental and joined us for Lunch. Mark Gesler, Cherokee,  Q project Ohio, and SO Linda arrived.  We met Mark at Kevin's event in July and it was great to get to know them more.  Linda was a wonderful help to me!  Thanks so much Linda!  The afternoon held some projects for Dave with safety wiring and Rod with his prop.  I did some Facetime with Jim and Mary Masal and we planned a zoom meeting with folks who could not attend.  Mary Thanks for getting that together! It is always good to see a face whether in person or on the phone!
The group moved to Napolis, an Italian Restaurant.  With people from all over the USA attending, it was very interesting hearing how some communities were still very much closed and seeing how OK was so open was refreshing for most.   Many visited at the hotel lobby area after supper.  A Mo town group from Las Vegas checked into hotel and they held a concert in a local park Saturday pm.  Bruce, Phil and John Hoxie enjoyed the concert!
Saturday was the WDG monthly fly in breakfast.  Many local people came and saw our planes and there were some cockpits on display also. Vance AFB had several of T-6A TexanII and T-1A Jayhawks on the tarmac also.  Lady Liberty, based in Enid OK is a A-26 and was also on display.   It was a great crowd!  Breakfast was very busy! We were greeted by the arrival of a Q2 from Okmulgee OK built by Dave Mc Conahey and has flown for 32 years.  Dave was at Ottowa long ago and we saw him recently at a flyin in Cushing OK and encouraged him to come.  I am so glad he came and met this fun bunch!  Imraan Faruque, Tri-Q 200, Stillwater OK and his wife Rachel also drove in.  Imraan is in the  processes of remounting his engine and getting back in the air.  Dr Mike Shuck, Q2 fan, from Wichita KS drove to Enid due to visability.  He also gave a presentation on airfoils.  I had no idea how many airfoils there were and now understand how bugs decrease lift!  Keep those planes clean!!!! Matthew Dock, Q2 project formally belonging to John Spurling, drove in from Stillwater OK.  Jeremy Nichols, Q1 project, drove in from KS and his Mom and step dad joined the group also.  A new homebuilder from Stillwater OK, Ryan Paul, his wife and 2 children drove over.  Ryan works with Imraan at OSU.  
The crew enjoyed Pizza in the hanger for lunch.  I wouldn't want anyone to go hungry you know!  The fun and laughter continued and we got to know each other and talked planes, trips, memories and dreams.  The Banquet was held at the new terminal at WDG!  Blazes BBQ and warm peach cobbler filled the bill.  Mary Masal hosted a zoom meeting that serval Q pilots were able to attend!  Jim and Mary Masel, Jerry and Nancy Marstall, JayScheevel, Alan Thayer and Sam and Sandy Hoskins were able to see some of our event on zoom but they were all greatly missed!  I apologize for the camera and sound.  Bruce was the MC of the night and presented many awards that got more laughs!!  Bruce did state he really missed Jimmy's wit and him being there to MC this group!!  Farewells were said as everyone headed to the hotel.  
Sunday AM the weather was beautiful and clear for all departures.  Everyone has arrived home now and we have to wait another year for FOD 2021.  Thanks to everyone who is involved with this group!  We plan to host next years event in Enid OK at WDG so please mark your calendars. September 17-19, the 3rd weekend in September is the date for 2021.  We pray for wonderful weather for all-I hear Jon Finley is now responsible for weather. 
Final numbers for my number folks.  
5 Q planes-2 -Q2, 1 Q200, 2 Tri Q200
10 planes total-5 are first timers to FOD Enid(3 were Q's)
26 attendees-13 first timers to FOD Enid
8 zoom attendees-from 5 states-4 other states were represented!-We missed all of you!
8 states were represented at FOD-4 new states were on zoom-12 states total!
Lots of folks wandered through the Q line up at the WDG Breakfast Fly In!
Blessed in Enid OK with friends like each of you!
Bruce and Joanne

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