Jim Patillo


Thanks for the lead Sam.

I  made contact with Jeff at American Plastics. They are still in business. 40 years now.

He can make clear and smoked canopies for Q1, Q2, Q200 and Tri -Q  as well as Eze’s and Velocities. 6-8 weeks lead time. He is a real nice fella. My smoked canopy still looks good but starting to get a little crazing  after 1700 hours +.

I tried micro-ing it out but is to deep in the plastic. Jeff said it’s in the first 20% of thickness and is mainly in the front. You can only see the crazing in certain light situations. Otherwise canopy optical is Clear and totally smooth inside and out.

N46JP - Q200
First flown August 2000.
Flown in 26 states!



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