Re: Oil coolers @ other things!

Bruce Crain

If you have the Electro-air electronic ignition and the pickup is on the
front prop flange I would strongly suggest that you shield the pickup
where it plugs together on top of the engine. It is shielded in the
wiring but not at the plug in set up. Also separating the plug wiring is
important but only where the 2 different "towers" wiring crosses one
another. Jeff suggests a specific spark plug that's different from when
he 1st started marketing his ignition. Bob Malecek and I both had to
"tweek" our electronic ignitions because they would suddenly run rough
and loose rpm for a short time and we thought we were having "other
problems". I found some screen door screen and used it for shielding the
pickup plug. Haven't had a problem since. If you don't have an
electronic ignition I have "shot my wad" for nothing. Let me and the Q
list know so the info gets passed on.

Bruce Crain

P.S.- If you can find a way to check the ignition switch to see if moving
or jiggling it causes it to run rough it might help.
On Sat, 30 Sep 2000 20:12:45 -0700 "James Patillo" <patillo@...>

I installed a Positech oil filter (from Van's Aircraft for their
0320's) in line with my El Reno filter last week and it really helped.
The temperature today was at close to 100F and steady climbs could
never get the oil temp over 215 degrees F. Before installing the
cooler my temps would have easily been hovering around 240 all the
time. It is a little labor intensive but well worth the time.

On a side note. Today when I went flying at close to 100 degrees, the
strangest thing happened. I taxied to the runup area and did a
complete runup. Took off and at about 50' the engine went from 2600
RPM's to 1800 RPM's and ran rough! Makes ones butt pucker! I pulled
the carb heat and nothing happened. Pulled the throttle and repowered
and got about 2200 RPM. Did it once again and it went to full power.
Of course I was completely out of runway at that point. Made a
standard pattern return and full power down the runway at about 50'.
No problems so I went up to 6,000' and flew around for about an hour
with no other engine runnig rough problems.

Back ground! I have a gascolator which is shielded with forced air
blowing on it. Went back to hangar and looked at all filters in
cluding the small one in the carb, did a fuel flow at 24 gallons at
the carb, checked the vent line and came up with nothing. Has any one
else experienced this! Besides being a little disconcerting I am still
in the dark as to what could have happened but I don't want to do it
again. Any suggestions.

Jim Patillo Q200 N46JP

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