Re: Biaxial-traxial vs 7715 Fiberglass #epoxy

Chris Walterson

Cody --------------  On the Dragonfly we replaced the uni with tri ply and worked out well . Easy to use and fast.

Years ago there was a Waddlow Canard design that didn't use the carbon spare. The dragonfly uses a fiberglass spar and some carbon uni similar to the Waddlow.

As for finishing, I have always peel plyed everything. It helps in getting a correct profile and also getting any excess epoxi out. If you surface is flat and doesn't need to be attached , you can squeege on plastic sheet, but I still prefer peel ply. I have tried the loose micro on top of fresh epoxi and not a great idea.

 I never use a roller, but instead a small two inch brush and a squeege. Often I  will lay on the epoxi and then use a hair blower to get some extra heat  and get better flow and penetration.

I do my finishing much like Sam, however I will add 50% methyle hydrate to the mix. It is the only thing I found that mixes with epoxi and won't eat foam.  Then add the micro and you can have a thinner mix to lay up.   The methyle will evaporate and the epoxi will go to work leaving a surface that is easily sanded, without biting into the glass.

 You may want to  experiment a bit with the ratios to find what works for you. This is not meant for structural and only as filler.

West system is the preferable one although next week I am trying Alpha poxi from Spruce. See how that works out.

 You will find we all have our preference. Doesn't matter the path as long as the final product is the same.

Take care---------------  Chris

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