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Bruce Crain

Bruce Crain

On Oct 17, 2020, at 2:02 PM, Pat Weaver <pweaver311@...> wrote:

Hi, I thought it might be a good idea to list my Q2 before putting it up on Barnstormers; I figure this group is already very familiar with aircraft and might save me time answering a lot of questions. So, here it is, I am asking $14,000 for the Q2. It has a 65HP Revmaster 2100-D, 165 Hours TTAF&E. Fresh condition inspection in July. At 142 Hours the heads and jugs were replaced and cool tins were added. So far there have been no overheating issues at all that the prior owner had. It also has dual rudder pedals with differential brakes(matco), added at 142 Hours. New tires and spring steel gear also added. It has a radio and transponder, no ADSB. This Q2 has the dragonfly gear, LS1 canard, Reflexer and sparrow strainer.  It is located in Elkhart, Indiana at Elkhart Municipal airport. (KEKM) There is also a variable pitch Ultra Prop that is available to go with it if the price is right. 
We, my father and I, are selling it because we got an offer that we can't pass up from a hangar neighbor. She is selling her Zenith CH650 and it suits our needs much better. As many of you know the Quickie is not a big plane and it is hard for larger people to fit in it. Unfortunately everyone I planned on enjoying it are just too big. The Zenith will fit everyone comfortably and since it is a light sport my father can fly it with a lot less training and certification that is required for the Quickie; overall a plane much more suited for our needs. I hate to let it go, it is a sweet airplane; just not very practical in our situation. If anyone is interested, please send an email INDIVIDUALLY or call myself or my father, Dave. He is more likely to answer right away but I will call back as soon as I can if I don't answer. 

Dave - 574-238-1968

Patrick- 574-327-1150

More pictures are available, this is all I could fit in the email.  Thanks for checking it out!

Kind Regards,
Patrick W.


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