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Dave Dugas

Started building November 1, 1982…..first flight April 16, 2000.  Plans built with the LS1 canard and Revmaster engine.  Over 1200 hours flown. No idea of the hours spent building, but worth every minute.

Dave Dugas   N68DD


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Thanks Kevin,


Yours is probably more relevant, since almost no one from here on out will be buying a virgin kit. They are almost all partially built.  Would be good to have you do a zoom sometime to tell everyone how you found and fixed the mistakes.





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Do we that bought a project, partially built, get to play?


TriQ on the gear when purchased. New nose gear, built new main wing replaced same, fixed many mistakes, MANY mistakes.

Mounted engine, designed electrical, rehabbed header take, fuel plumbing, firewall forward items, filled and sand for two years.

Paid to have it painted, and color sanded.

Bought project Aug 99, AW cert Oct 05, first flight March 10, 06.

Guessing at least 1000 hours.



Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   538 hrs
Luana, IA.


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This could be fun. Let’s take a quick survey! How long did your Quickie take to build from delivery of QAC materials. Which model do you have? How many years and man hours did it take?

Mine was started in January1981 and finished in 2000. It’s a Q200, took 19 + years and 4000 hours to first flight. First flown August 2000. 

N46JP - Q200




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