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Bruce Crain

The plans show BL (butt line) lengths.  Each template sits at those buttons lines.  Look at the plans and the directions show how long the individual foam cores are by butt lines.  You will need to build a table that is flat and level.  Then read how to cut the foam cores by the level lines being lined up level and set up for sweep back.
Use only the blue styrofoam as there are foams that give off a cyanate poison gas. 
Read and re-read.  
Do you have the directions for building the LS1 with the carbon fiber spar?

On Oct 23, 2020, at 10:10 PM, Bruce McCormack <bob2@...> wrote:

May come down to geography and shipping
Dow Styrofoam Buoyancy Billets 7" x 20" x 8' (Supports 425 lbs.) -- Ring's End

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Ok everyone. It's 2020, and I'm having a hard time finding suppliers for blue XPS Foam. Building supply companies maybe? online pages are all advertising for EPS foam, since it is actually better for docks. The plans call for 2 billets 10"x20"x96" right? Is there a better way to order billets? Smaller sizes are a little easier to find but what about gluing more blocks together? Bad news? Even aircraft spruce only sells 8" thick billets now. HELP

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