Re: Finally found a picture of what I envision

Rick Hole

I have many a bunch of panels for both Velocity and Q.  Computer designed panels are great but complicated to use.  Another option is poster board full size with paper-doll style full sized instruments. You can get many of those online.  Do remember the third dimension and that you will need a margin around the panel perimeter.
When you get close to installing I like to cut a test panel from 1/4" plywood or plexiglass.  Save the real panel for when you have right.
Rick Hole

On Sun, Oct 25, 2020, 10:27 AM Cody <cody.craig1985@...> wrote:
I w have my heart set on this type of setup. Aveo switch cluster. Single Dynon 7"-10" display, engine monitor, autopilot without the hard keys. Stratus ESG transponder. THANKYOU Sam for posting the pic of your roll trim. It looks like a great location to set a roll trim servo. Of course the panel pictured is a bush plane. But so far dimensions seem workable for my Q. 

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