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Snort!  Heeyuk!  Chortle!  Tee hee!  Sorry guys I know.  That was sooo Jr High.  I just thought how would Kevin respond!  I just moderate  myself and try not to do it again.
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The story way back was that the color change was to make it less attractive to beavers who attacked docks.

On 25Oct, 2020, at 17:39, Brian Larick <blarick@...> wrote:
What is the difference between the current Dow Blue foam blocks and the original kit orange blocks?


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On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 11:22 PM Brian Hutchinson via <> wrote:
No recommendation from me for foam. Thanks for bringing up the matter of forces in the foam. I had watched a video on Metallurgy the other day considering the crystalline structure and it was said the forces move through the metal in a way that is similar to the way described here. Though I don't think the foam experiences true shear load (90 degree to the upper and lower surfaces) the forces wound think are variable and related to amount of deflection of wing tip to root. Vertically laminated seems the best way to join foam blocks I agree. These are the "little" considerations that have big effects and are what needs to be discussed in my opinion more important than enduring debates on why auto conversion engines are the devil and such.


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