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Frankenbird Vern

 First put on your calendar for September 2021 that you will be traveling to Enid. 

Imrann has his Q in progress at Cushing last I hear. Imraan and his wife Rachel are partners of the FOD gathering 
in Enid.

 FOD in this case meaning Field Of Dreams.  

 I will be sure to attend FOD also in 2021. I am currently building a 1 bd 1 bath cottage and also a hangar on my property to complete two aircraft projects. One is a Capella XS-2 LSA and the next will be the Frankenbird. The LSA is for my wife to earn her LSA certification and also so I don't stay a penguin for the remainder of my life. The Capella is a rather simple repair project (new right wing and flap, strip the fabric off the tailfeathers and re cover..FWF and a few instrument panel changes like switches and some engine management), so well ahead of the Frankenbird. I've done a lot of tube and fabric in the past as well as Sheetmetal. Many varied Powerplant as well. 

  That said, Domicile building has forced my efforts in that direction first. It is the second home I have built for myself. The first was on 50 acres which I owned outright in Taos County from back in the mid 90's.  The homrd design is an approved construction in NM and also in Arizona called an Earthship.  They are 100% off grid,  built from used tires, bottles, and cans.  Took me 10 years to finish that build. We sold in 2016 and move to Oklahoma (first to Owasso) partly because my wife Larisa is a gardener. High Country New Mexico is not an ideal place to grow orchard trees. I get to assist on her projects on our small 2 acres here in Mannford as well!!

 EAA is a great source and support but having others nearby to the specifics of your building is the bees knees. I doubt many at Owasso Chapter have flown in a Q, let alone as PIC.  Still they are an established and older chapter and that alone is of great value. The true gain in aerospace has always been from innovation from more than one point of view. Much from the homebuilt level is of very high value in part because profit is not the presumed goal. As Americans being able to innovate in aviation is a privilege we should never take for granted.     

 About the completed aircraft. They are unique for sure (not one Tandem Wing attended Arlington EAA in 2013..the third largest EAA event..the last fly-in I attended while there). One day you will fly to an airport in your Q with a younger FBO operator to meet you at the fuel pumps and my bet is you'll get plenty of attention.  The "red carpet" rolled out. These aircraft are natural eye candy and if you're the type that likes to visit a bit at nearly every stop then you found your dream machine. It is one reason I have moved this partial kit around half the USA to this day. I'll be keeping a photo or two of finished ones on my hangar wall while building. 


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So far I only know of you and Bruce. Ive met Bruce already since he graced me with his plane for an afternoon. I think thats when I fell hard for quickies. It felt so natural. I'm also joining the EAA chapter in Owasso. 

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