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Jim Patillo

My elevators fair in high speed as well. I did add 1 degree in the LS1 canard when installed.

The Reflexor does not have to be used, it just refines the controls. It does however add a couple knots if reflexed up with elevator rolled down a little.

N46JP Q200

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One of the QAC newsletters indicated that the factory recommended increasing the angle of the canard 1 degree for all new construction. This was recommended for the GU canard, but was issued about the time that they released the LS1 canard. The same recommendation was never made in the plans for the LS1 canard (nor the GU) and was never put into the QAC newsletter for the LS1 either, but my measurements of the factory N81QA prototype with the LS1 (from photos), show that it was set up with 1 degree of increased angle on the canard compared to the plans, so I think they carried that practice over to the Q200. Essentially, N81QA  was set up very similar to your airplane, Sam.





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When I first started my flight testing way back in 1986, I could tell that something was wrong with my angle of incidence between the front and rear wings. So what I did, was to raise the front of the Canard a half an inch. It took me 1 week from the first cut to the paint job. I think a lot of aircraft have this problem.


When I fly fast, my ailerons are faired into the wing.




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For instance, in flight I like to reflex the ailerons full up.  This makes you have to go forward on the elevator.  Now you've reduced the lift on both wings.  I go 4 mph faster due to this. 

This is very interesting. Does this suggest a change to the angle of incidence for one or both wings? Does it suggest a thinner airfoil? Maybe a C.G. shift?
Is there precedence for flying faster (when straight and level) with the control surfaces out of alignment with the airfoil or not in their neutral position?

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