Re: Reflexor and autopilot

Jay Scheevel

If you really want to dig into this. I have done a three part modeling study on the subject and all of the terms are defined and analyzed. I did not delve heavily into the topic of using reflexor to optimize cruise, since I was mostly concerned with landing configurations, but so far my modeling is consistent with my flight observations as well as Sam and Mike’s. So… I expect that I could do some modeling of using reflexor during cruise, however I am more inclined to spend my spare time flying these days.  Here are the links for the study:






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I'm getting a little confused here. I swear I'm reading conflicting info.
When you reflex up, the trailing edge of the ailerons point up, correct?
This produces a nose up tendency and is used on approach to reduce the amount of aft stick needed to maintain glide path and to allow more aft stick for slower airspeed when in ground effect?

When you push forward on the stick, the trailing edge of the elevators point up, correct?
This produces a nose down tendency?

Isn't there an optimum fuselage angle and optimum canard and wing angles that create the least drag for a give C.G. when all the control surfaces are inline with their respective chord? 

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