Re: Attention: Those who are currently flying or who have flown their Quickie.

ryan goodman

Graham is this a TriQ or is it something different and hence the reversed designation?

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           I have a Completed Q-Tri .. less engine and interior .. it has the Mag's cut out into the Firewall . I imported this airframe from Mike Evens in California six yrs ago . Its in my Hanger here in Oz . Ray visited the other day . He has a newly completed Q .. and recently posted some Pics here .. he asked me if my QTri had ever flwn ... I said i don't know .. and that the previous Cal owner .. didn't know either . The Cal owner was  Mike Evans .. he has posted on the previous Q Forum ... and  said he tried to nail down the History of this Q-Tri .. but couldn't ... he also said that some info he managed to obtain turned out to be wrong .
Would Luv to discover the History of my Q-Tri airframe .. but unfortunately dont have a Tail Reg  or much to go on ! .. It appears straight and true .. and well constructed .
Just adding my Q-Tri to the mix .. and maybe some info mite come to light !?

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Subject: [Special] [Q-List] Attention: Those who are currently flying or who have flown their Quickie.

To all the flyers,

I created a listing in the database section of this Q-List.  I wanted to have some kind of organized place where we can see who has actually flown their project.  If this includes YOU, please click on the GREEN ADD ROW and fill out the basic info.  We don’t need a book, the basics will do just fine..  If you have an aircraft that is no longer flying, include that also, but you must provide an N (registration) number.
If you have flown and don’t put yourself in this listing, rest assured that I’ll be bugging you for the info. Every once in a while, I should be reminding you to update your listing.
Thanks everyone. Here's the link: Completed Aircraft
Sam Hoskins


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