Re: Electronic Ignition Install - No Spark from Coils

Jay Scheevel

Not sure if Klaus uses Hall sensors or not, or if it even matters, but there may be a high pass filter on the input from the sensor, that effectively blocks the signal if the magnet does not move past the sensor fast enough. This could be a safety feature to prevent the engine from firing when RPM is below a certain speed. I am just guessing here, but the board that he has in the system is certainly capable of doing this if he wanted to, and it would be a smart thing to do to prevent the engine from kicking back. To test this, you could disable your fuel system, hook an automotive timing strobe to your coil output and then crank the starter to watch the strobe to see if you are getting firing pulses. My uninformed 2-cents worth….





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Subject: [Q-List] Electronic Ignition Install - No Spark from Coils


As we wait for Klaus to get back with us, I thought I would throw it out to this group.  As many know, I am installing a Lightspeed Plasma III electronic ignition system in my Q200.  Following the instructions, we have followed the steps and got to the point where we are rotating the prop to get the spark from the coils.  No spark so we are troubleshooting as best we can including reviewing the instructions for any missed steps.

Power from the battery to the circuit breakers is good and the signal coming back to the warning lights is good (if one coil fails a light comes on,  etc.).  However, we are not registering any power getting to the coils and have triple checked the wiring is connected to the ignition boxes going to the coils.

Could it be that the magnet sensor is not sending a signal back to the ignition boxes therefore no spark?  We wonder if there is a bad connection in one of the magnet sensors.  The other area I  thought it could be is that we are bypassing the keyed ignition for now.  My avionics guy assured me that it is not an area of concern since the way it is currently wired, it is not an open-loop (key in off position).  I still wonder though...

If anyone has any known common failure points please let me know.  We may try and go back out to the hangar this evening.



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