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Martin Skiby

Dude you are fighting yourself on this.  Set it up as the instructions show and fire it up.  Rocking the prop back and forth and trying to get a spark is frustrating you.  Try using the starter and see if it fires up and runs.  That is the only way to know.  You will wear yourself out trying to trigger a sensor that needs 500rpm or so to do just to see if you have a spark.  You will know right away if it starts.

MY opinion.


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Hey Jim,

The lower RPM is actually the main reason I was installing this ignition system.  Klaus says it will add RPM but I think he must mean in cruise and not idle.

Klaus seemed to think we had installed everything correctly and that we didn't rock the prop fast enough.  We tried again and then used the starter and still couldn't get a spark.  I am going to reach out to him again today to see if I should try new magnet sensors.


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Corbin, you will not regret putting in Lightspeed electronic ignitions once you get them working. Hang in there, you’ll get it.
You’ll be able to idle at 450 rpm which is good for landings on shorter runways and can run faster higher up.

What’s Klaus offering in the way of help?

N46JP Q200

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Well, no luck tonight.  No spark rocking back and forth at #1 TDC, no luck rotating prop faster, and no luck having the starter have a go at it.  

At this point, I’m assuming the sensor(s) are bad.  Ugh.  Wishing I had never tried upgrading to electronic ignition at this point and ready to put the mags back on.


On Nov 9, 2020, at 1:56 PM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Follow up to keep records of information learned.  

Klaus' best guess is that we just need to rock the prop a bit faster.  He believes we have everything else correct.  We will try that tonight and, if no luck, might just let the starter give it a go in order to see if it can get a spark from the coil.  Leads are not connected, of course.





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