Re: Electronic Ignition Install - No Spark from Coils

Corbin <c_geiser@...>

All questions welcome and this might actually be a good one as well.  I noticed on the RV forum that one guy noticed his pin 1 and 9 and had a solder issue connecting them together.  I will need to confer with Marcus, my avionics guy, to be 100%.  I know he thoroughly checked all the pins a  few times and saw the voltage he wanted or expected. But won't hurt for me to double-check with him.

It seemed the part we were not seeing (besides the spark) is the drop in voltage on the input side when the magnet passes by the sensor.  We would see 5v so we know the current is flowing, but if I understand correctly, the magnet interrupts the current  (5v drops to 0)  which sends off the signal to the output side to fire the spark.   


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