Re: Electronic Ignition Install - No Spark from Coils

Sam Hoskins

My LSE installation had a very different setup, it had circuit board mounted to the front of the crankcase,, so I don't really know what I'm talking about here. But, it does look like your mounting block is not parallel to the rotor. I don't know if that's a factor or not.


On Sun, Nov 15, 2020, 4:57 PM Corbin via <> wrote:
....And here is a photo of where it needs to be installed.  I am still going to test to see if the DC mini sensor needs to go a tad higher to be in the ideal position for the magnet.

In the first one, you can see how the new revised location of the sensor does not match the horizontal lines (going against the install manual).  In fact, they are way off (see earlier pic above).  This location gets a consistent spark every rotation.  If the manual is followed and the lines match up, but no spark of course.  In the second pic, I have rotated the magnet plate so you can see where the little "dot" magnet passes by the sensor.  It needs to pass by in this area or a tad lower.  The original bracket and holes had it passing at the very top of the sensor which is really far off from being read.

Again, it could be the sensor could come up a little higher so still adjusting before getting new brackets or welding of current holes done.



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