Re: Success with LSE Install

Martin Skiby

Sorry if I missed the source of the issues.  Corbin,  Glad it worked out and would be interested to know what you found to be the issue.  On the tach, if you have it on the ignition make sure it is set to read one or two revs per firing.  I just had that happen on my new pontoon boat as they has it set wrong.

Glad you got her going and you will LOVE having the electronic ignition..


From: "Corbin via"
To: " Group Moderators"
Sent: Monday November 16 2020 9:07:41PM
Subject: [Q-List] Success with LSE Install

Just a quick video to share that I finally had success with the Lightspeed electronic ignition install.

Sure runs SMOOTH. RPMs were high so I’m hoping that’s just an adjustment on the throttle body.

Very glad to have the engine running again.



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