Re: Success with LSE Install

Corbin <c_geiser@...>

Funny you mention coming to see you guys.  I was thinking the same thing on the drive out to the hangar today.  Jason could do my conditional!

Corbin Ge!ser

On November 17, 2020 at 1:11 PM, Martin Skiby <mskiby@...> wrote:

Wow,  Well OK that is good to know.  I wonder why he has two, but OK,

Glad it worked out and enjoy the lower fuel burn and better performance as well!!!
 Come out and see us sometime!!


From: "Corbin via"
Sent: Tuesday November 17 2020 10:58:57AM
Subject: Re: [Q-List] Success with LSE Install

You guys were right....the tach was still on 1.0 instead of 2.0 and I am now idling at 1250 so the math works out perfect.  I will adjust idle here in a few minutes and then will need to start troubleshooting why one side is running very rough during the mag check.  I have checked to make sure all wires are secure on the plugs and will pull the plugs to double-check gap after it cools down.

Martin - turns out Klaus sent the wrong brackets and holes drilled wrong.  No spark at all if installed aligned with the markings on the magnet plate.  We modified the holes and are still using the wrong bracket.   Just need to make certain the sensors are secure in modified holes before I take to the skies.  Also looking into new brackets to replace these.  




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