Re: Groups.IO website renewal time for the Q-List

Brian Larick

Sent Sam.  Hopefully I did it correctly.


On Nov 18, 2020, at 16:30, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

Hello All.

The annual renewal has come up for our little Quickie email list. When Verizon acquired Yahoo! they cut way back on their Groups section and as of next month they are completely killing it. Fortunately, Groups.IO to the rescue and we were able to retrieve many years of searchable Q-List conversations. 

Last year we got into Groups.IO through their introductory offer, $110/year. This has increased to $240, but fortunately we are grandfathered in at the intro price.  I think they have served us well.  There hasn't been any service interruptions, as far as I can tell and I think having a place for the photos and files is working out too. As of today, we have archived 11,930 messages. 

Also, feel free to open an album in the Photos section and upload relevant photos.  I just ask that you use your real name.  Use the Files section to upload relevant documents. Again, our home page is at 

Like last year, if you feel like donating a couple of bucks to keep us going, send a small contribution via PayPal for sam.hoskins@.... Be sure to call it a gift, or PP will change for the donation.   Any big donations will be politely returned. Like last year, if/when we hit the $110 amount I'll stop the solicitation and make refunds to anyone who doesn't make the cut-off.

Thanks everyone, and keep building.  It's worth it!  And oh yeah, be safe.

Sam Hoskins
N202SH Q-200

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