Re: Success with LSE Install

Corbin <c_geiser@...>

Murry has asked about idle and full-throttle RPM's so I thought I would update again since it is a quiet morning.

I am still adjusting idle but, so far, down as low as 690rpm it seemed to find a happy place.  The mixture has to be dialed in just right down low; too lean or too rich and it will die.  I could get it down around 550rpm once the engine was warmed up a bit but, again, the mixture was very sensitive and the engine would die if moved a little leaner or a little richer.  So more adjusting is needed. 

I haven't tied down the tail for a full-throttle test yet.

It sure runs SMOOTH though.  I decided to take off the brackets for the upper and lower DC mini sensors to have correct ones fabricated.  I hope to get those back next week and then get them back installed and running again.  



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