Dynon AP install

Jay Scheevel

Hi Richard,


Here are the pictures of the Dynon auto pilot servos as installed. The pitch servo looks much more crowded than it really is because of the camera angle, which shows the rudder cable, flexible brake lines, fuel lines, wiring, and elevator trim mechanism, which are all mounted below the oversized header. For the servo, I built a right-angle mount bracket out of 5-BID with a radiused flox corner, then mounted it to the canard by bonding some studs to the wing and using nuts and washers to hold the angle bracket down. I put a couple stiff thick silicone bead strips under the end of the servo to keep it from flexing and vibrating on the mount.


The roll servo is mounted  through the center pillar of the FS 94 bulkhead. The servo is mounted flush with the forward face of the pillar. I countersunk (and reinforced with glass) two of the mount screws through the pillar, and I added two 4-BID “tabs” sticking out to the right of the pillar to accommodate the other two mount screws. Dynon sells a pushrod kit that you can custom size for the servos to keep the travel angle within the specified angle range. I used the standard SV32 servos on both elevator and roll.


Glad you asked me to take these pictures, because I just noticed that I did not tighten up the jam nut on the lower end of the roll servo pushrod!




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