Re: Success with LSE Install

Jim Patillo

I second what Martin and others have said. You’re gonna love it.

I’ve been flying with Dual Plasma 3 ‘s for 1500 hours now,  having switched from Slick Mags. I didn’t like the idea of having to remove the engine every time the mags needed checking.

The Lightspeed’s have worked much better than expected but with Paul Lipps doing the engineering what else would you have expected. He was a really, really smart guy.

I checked idle again yesterday on both ignitions and I can still idle at 450 RPM and prop rotation is noticibly slow.

You’re making great progress Corbin.

N46JP Q200

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You will be very happy with the setup!   Enjoy.



On Nov 21, 2020, at 7:14 AM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Murry has asked about idle and full-throttle RPM's so I thought I would update again since it is a quiet morning.

I am still adjusting idle but, so far, down as low as 690rpm it seemed to find a happy place.  The mixture has to be dialed in just right down low; too lean or too rich and it will die.  I could get it down around 550rpm once the engine was warmed up a bit but, again, the mixture was very sensitive and the engine would die if moved a little leaner or a little richer.  So more adjusting is needed. 

I haven't tied down the tail for a full-throttle test yet.

It sure runs SMOOTH though.  I decided to take off the brackets for the upper and lower DC mini sensors to have correct ones fabricated.  I hope to get those back next week and then get them back installed and running again.  



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