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Richard Thomson

Hi Jay

    Now I remember, a novel set up. So is the geometry of the servo affected by the relexor ?



On 23/11/2020 15:14, Jay Scheevel wrote:

Hi Richard,


Yes it is very busy, but I have two removable side panels that allow me to get to everything!


You have your reflexor right. Mine is just one of my many mods. On the back side of the bulkhead, there is a phenolic pulley bolted onto the reflexor “donut”. It has a cable wrapped three times around that goes up to my control handle in front. The cable-based control can be handled with more finesse, has no play, and has a variable friction lock. The handle is like another stick on the left side that has the same pitch up, pitch down sense as the control stick on the right. Here is a picture so you can visualize the entire assembly.


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Thanks Jay,

Glad I have my uses.  I have just noticed that your reflex lever is behind your bulkhead. Is that a mod or have I got mine wrong ?

Looks pretty busy under your panel.


Rich T.

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