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Great report Kev. Glad yo guys are sneaking in some air time between storms and cold. Jerry 

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Nice report, Kevin,

Thanks for the excellent visuals. You should become an author!


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5 Dec 20

Recieved an email from Paul Fisher asking what I was doing. Flying somewhere I guess.
As it turned out Paul flew to DEH from DVN. Landed about 11:00 AM. He made a prefect landing. Calm winds and 35°F.
We had a bite of lunch as my plane was being preheated, fumed, preflighted.
High thin overcast clearing with breaks, so some sunshine. Important because the cockpit is a lot more comfortable with sunshine at this temp.
Fired up about 12:30PM.
Mission is to fly with Paul half way to DVN formation. Th twist is I was going to do the formation flying and Paul was going to lead.
We fly this way a lot, but I always lead. Only tried to follow once before, on the way home from FOD Emporia. We quickly changed as I didn’t preform well.
Not much change this time. Closest I got was 500’. Farthest was half mile. Being coached by Paul did help, but I think its best I stick to lead.
We parted ways and flew to our home airports.
Made a good landing myself!
Excellent day for flying, trying a new challenge, and enjoying the gift of aviation!!

Hope this spurs some activity from the group. Been too quite lately. Let’s hear it!!!

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   542 hrs
Luana, IA.

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