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I have to agree with Mike on the laser being more trouble than it is
worth. I am redrilling my wheelpants after remounting the right one and
finding the left one lining up on the leading edge of the opposite wheelpant
right under the canard when eyeballed (and lasered) through the axle.
I turned down a couple of aluminum bushings to fit finger tight in the
axle and found some phenolic tubing with 3/8" outside and 1/8"inside dia.
that fits inside the aluminum bushings. This assembly dials out at less than
.001 on the lathe, yet when installed I can move the beam at least five
inches in all directions at the opposite wheelpant. Inserting a brass tube
with a 1/16" bore gets it down to about three inches which is still
unacceptable. I'm going to sight it first and then use a string for final
checking. Mike C.

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In 1985 my axle holes were set to sight an inch and a half forward of each
other at gross (the Gall numbers? = toe out and no camber @ gross). After
15 years the canard creeped enough to be about 3 degrees camber - see

The ground handling slowly degraded to the point where at 3 degrees I
could still fly and land but it was touchier.

Using the laser was a pain, it was easier to just sight down the axel

Mike, Q-200

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