Saturday's Q-Tour - Matthew Curcio's Well Traveled Q-200 December 12 - 0900 Central Time

Sam Hoskins

This month's Q-Tour features Matthew Curcio.  I met Matthew at Oshkosh and he had just acquired a Q-200 and was living in Ohio. He got the plane up and running and got a job at Scaled Composites. Since then, he has flown in each of the lower 48 states and also to Barrow, Alaska. He made several modifications to turn his Q-200 into a real long distance plane.This will be a really interesting Q-tour, be sure to join us. The log-in link is at the bottom of this email.

The January Tour will star Corbin Geiser. Corbin also acquired a previously built Q-200, and like the rest of us, is making improvements to the aircraft. After he purchased it, he did all the right things to get ready to fly his new toy, and he is reaping the rewards.

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