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Bruce Crain

Nice! Way to go Chris! Making lots of progress!
Bruce Crain
On Dec 6, 2020, at 3:08 PM, Dorothea Keats <dkeats@...> wrote:

 Just finished cleaning the shop. I finally have the wing removed from the table and hanging from the ceiling, Have the fuselage removed from the build table and doing a bit of filling on the fuselage to tail connection.

The canard has been removed from the build table and because I had jigging blocks attached to the bottom, I put the canard on the floor, leveled it and installed the addition 1 degree of incidence and then bondoed the blocks to the floor. I've done this before and find it easier to move the fuselage to the canard than to lift the canard to the fuselage. Hope to install the airfoils permanentley soon.

I also finished the landing gear I had made. It is the steel spring gear. Made the wheel pants and fairings and layed on the first coat of primmer. The assemble in the middle is the complete unit and the other pieces are what goes into building it. The brakes I am using are from Sonnex. Nice units. The complete weight with fairings, brakes, gear and wheels is 20 lbs per side. I am confident I am going to be much heavier than most Q's with my Subaru installed , so although the gear may be a bit heavy , it will be very robust.

Still having fun--------------- Chris

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