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Frankenbird Vern

 Most of the folks I worked with then have passed away now. Dale Bacon, Walter Underwood. Mike Shroyer. 

 I was a young 20 year old then..earned my Private Certificate at North Little Rock municipal at 22 years old and that was also where I had my first chance to see (and fly) a Q1.  Little did I know then I would be working with Rutan and RAF/Scaled Composites in just a few years in Wichita. 

 I have not kept up with Dassault at all since then. I was also on the HU-25A conversion team. The Falcon 10, 20, and 50 are built like tanks..I built Lears, Beech, Cessna's, and more than a few restorations all the way back to Golden Era. Falcons of those days are superior aircraft.  

  Met a lot of celebrities. Some not so good.  For example, I have kept my promise to myself I would never go to a Wendy's. Horrible reps and ugly as shit Interior to boot. The Bee Gees on the other hand were a blast to have with us. I was Lead tech on both aircraft.

  Here's a trick if you have squawks on the cabin polarized windows slipping on the knob. We used to file shallow "v" cuts with a triangle file in the edge of the rotating plexiglas so the rubber o-rings would grip better. Increasing the spring tension on the idler pully helps a bit also. A small detail but the owners really appreciate the windows working as designed. 

 When Falcon no longer won 1st prize at the airshows because we were forced to give up the one piece headliner for example,  Teterboro sent idiots with stop watches do "time study" so the time to complete would be less. That also ment a few extra touches like this one were no longer done in order to meet the brain dead on arrival Industrial Engineering time limits. Anyway..the opportunity at Beech made my exit all that more interesting. 

 Reminds me of a lot of things the 787 and 737 Max.  Everyone here should consider that as homebuilders ALL of us can far exceed the factory builts because of not being forced to pay Stox dividends. What a factory tech might have an advantage of is repetitive experience but the loss is the special touches and care of fit up. It is a freedom of building that NO factory person can comprehend...only dream about! Every one of you have much more in your heart than almost any aviation workerbee. Do every task on your bird the best you can..even the seemingly non important ones.       

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Actually that isn't a hangar mate per say... He's a customer. I work exclusively on "Legacy Falcons" here at Phoenix Rising. Honestly reading Dassaults reports the New ones suck. Lots of corrosion issues, where my babies fly forever provided someone lives them. Did you know Richard Price, or Karl Eisenmanger? Pete Kranick? My emails cody.craig1985@..., I work on all the smaller planes on the side, but main job is all about Falcons.  

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