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Jim Patillo

Why don’t you just follow the Q200 plans. That seemed to work for me.

N46JP Q200

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  I noticed before it was mentioned you could use one mass balance for
the elevators on the Q200.  Is there any special place it should go?  I
am tempted to weld the balance arm to one of the center bellcranks.

  On another note, I am installing dual controls in my airplane. One on
the center as per plans and then another on the right consol. It will
fit, just.  Because the fuselage is rounded I need to cut a bit of
fuselage away and have the bellcrank partley inside the root fairing for
the canard.

  Got  the canard and wing mounted and will send some pictures later and
explanation of what  I did .

  still having fun-------------  Chris

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