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Point taken

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With great emphasis:


My aircraft performance IN NO WAY will be representative of your aircraft’s performance!


This is why, as a part of your test flight program that you will give to the DAR when you get your plane signed off,  you will be required to present to him a specific testing program which will make sure you have adequate margin in all areas on your test field and flight test area before you fly. Then you will carefully record your results as you fly each test card/flight.


I had no idea what my performance would be before I flew my plane. You will not know this either. Or at least you should not assume you know.  If you need a starting point for your test flight program, look to the Q200 POH from QAC, then add appropriate margins for your weights, DA and inexperience on first flight.


Also, do a lot of talking to the standard Q200 taildragger people on this group. If you ask specific questions, politely, you will get answers.





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I have a screen shot of a performance sheet you made with density altitude across the bottom and takeoff distance up the left side.
My question is is this specific to your bird with the 3300 on it or can it be used for a Q200 standard gear version?
Im looking for data for my soon to be Q200 and not very tech savvy as you .
Thanks in advance 

MikeQ200 (soon to be)

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