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Richard Thomson

Hi Michael,

On my TriQ I have similar concerns to those Jerry notes in the mod write up, in fact when I got it, the belly board had been bolted shut and the handle was removed. I have replaced it to the TriQ plan, but it does sit slightly proud, at the corners, so for me Jerry's mod is something I will look to do on mine next year after we have got it flying.

The Triq nose gear fits along the underneath of the Canard, so probably not possible to use the Q2/Q200 Belly board, if you are wondering why there are 2 versions.


Rich T.

On 12/12/2020 18:06, Michael wrote:
Figured I would post these based on today's discussion. Both sets of plans are available on Quickheads for comparison. Turns out my Q2 has the Tri-Q version (not sure why), so worth checking if you have a new or new-to-you Quickie?

QAC Q2/Q200 Belly Board Plans
Tri-Q Belly Board Drag Brake (Option)

The primary difference is in location, geometry, and materials:
  1. The QAC version uses a carbon board originally sold as part of an upgrade kit, while the Tri-Q version uses the foam cut from the fuselage.
  2. From the hinge, the QAC version is a long & tall rectangle, while the Tri-Q version is a narrow & wide rectangle.
  3. The QAC version is located between the canard spar and under the forward part of the fuel tank (see last page of PDF), while the Tri-Q version goes behind the seat back bulkhead in the baggage/landing gear area (see last figure).
Both versions hinge from the rear and "scoop" air up from the front; although Jerry Marstall has flipped his around for reasons he explains. Haven't flown mine yet, so hopefully some experienced Q-drivers can chime in on what (if any) handling differences exist between the two versions...

Hope it helps,
#2827 (still thinking about planning on visualizing how to finish building)

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