Chris Walterson

Changed up the aileron set up a bit. The 1/2 tube is installed permanentley inside the aileron. The inner phenolic bearing is drilled for the size of the mass balance. 5/8.  The 1/2 inch tube slides inside this and the bellcrank. Nothing is bolted in the picture, but if I slide the bellcrank out and the mass balance in , I can move the aileron in and then slice it from the hinges. I also have a center hinge on the aileron. The bellcrank and the mass balance arm will slide off. I will have a removable root fairing  between the aileron and the fuselage.

 The inner bellcrank hold the aileron out so there is no need for a spacer. In the picture you can see I have the reflexor and  the two cables above it is for aileron trim.

  Doing bodywork. I think I will end up using two West epoxi kits and almost ten lbs of micro. Eight pounds get sanded off.

 Take care----------------  Chris

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