Re: "Darting" to Left on Slow Speed Taxi

Jim Patillo

Yep. Quartering tailwinds on the ground or landing can be interesting. My least favorite of all landings. I presume there may have been  some tailwind?

I think you’ll be fine. Good luck with the ignitions. You’re gonna love them. What were you able to get the rpms down to?

N46JP - Q200

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Good recommendations, Jim.  Thank you.  The first thing I started to do when I taxied back was jack it up and examine that left tire.  The reservoir is about 3/4 full but I will double-check that tomorrow to be certain.  Tires are at 42psi today but I hear some go with 50psi?

I will do as you guys say and try another taxi without a tailwind and then proceed from there.  


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