Re: "Darting" to Left on Slow Speed Taxi

Dave Klingler

I was out in similar weather yesterday (in an Interstate Cadet) and had to get help walking it in.  As others have suggested, I'd try in calmer weather.

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Well, I thought today would be the first day I flew with the new Lightspeed ignition.  My plan was to do a couple high speed taxi tests and, if all was well, then depart for a test flight.  However, when simply taxiing down to the runup area it "darted" left on me twice.  I don't think it was because my feet aren't awake from not flying.  It just seemed to randomly "dart" left.  

The pedals and brakes feel normal and there is no play in the rudder cables.  Could it be the left tire/caliper is grabbing but then releasing.  I don't know where to begin troubleshooting.

I had a camera recording but not with the tailwheel in view.  Here is the video in case you want to see the "dart" and have any ideas for me to look into tomorrow.  I included the startup just for fun.  Skip to 1:15 and 2:15 for the two darts before I decided to head back to the hangar.

Could it simply be wind gusts....they started picking up around that time.  My heading on taxi was 360 and winds were 160 18-26kts....




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