Chris Walterson

What a mess.  Manged to clean up the shop today after taking this picture.

 I have the canard and wing attached and all the flight control surfaces finished and filled. I did as I  mentioned before, by mounting the canard to the floor and glueing it down after leveling and getting the incidence right.I had installed level blocks when it was on the table. to glue to the floor. I  then attach the fuselage and then the wing.  The fuselage I could install myself, but mounting the wing , I  need my son in law for a few minute and then did the final jigging and triangulation by myself.

 The plane is mostly finished , filled and primed and sanded twice with homemade primmer filler, on the top only. I need to remove the tail and bring the airplane outside and flip it and then I can finished the internal wing glassing and ousuide canard glassing on  bottom.  I can also get my rad scoop installed [water cooled 2.5 subaru] and finish the canard internal root fairings.It's winter in these parts so -30 is common and the flip will be done fast. I'm thankfull for lots of young strong friends. No real surprises yet although the canopy was a chore to get it to fit, and open well with narrow gap lines.

 Having fun-------------  Chris

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