Re: New Years Day Flight Report

Jim Patillo

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 09:10 PM, Jim Patillo wrote:

Today was beautiful in the High Sierra. Wheels up at 10:00 am from Auburn, Ca. Temp was 51F. Wind down the runway. Taxied to RWY 7 for a departure east/southeast and into the mountains.  

Met up with Sam Kittle in his Mighty Luscombe hovering at 9000’ over Bear Valley 60 miles south. He brought along another friend, Larry in his RV.  We circled the area, admired then scenery and headed over to Calaveras, landing RWY13. The pictures are from Sam’s and Larry’s  planes.

Sam Invited me into the FBO for a good hot cup of coffee and conversation. I gave Kathy, the airport manager (whom I’ve known for a long time, she’s 80 now and still an active pilot) a hug and jumped in the plane for the trip back home. Departed the runway but stayed in the pattern for one fast pass. It was kinda quiet today so I wanted to wake the cows up. 

Landed Auburn about 20 minutes later, came home and had a cocktail. It was a fun ride. 

N46JP Q200

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