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Jay Scheevel

Tri-Q plans solution is half baked. It almost caused Bob Clark to crash. I made a notch in my main tank before I installed it so the rods would be straight. I don’t think bending them is a good idea regardless of material, but Mathew Curcio is the one who can answer that question as an expert. My two cents.


On Jan 2, 2021, at 7:15 PM, Dorothea Keats <dkeats@...> wrote:

 Thanks Jay----------- I have the plus 1 degree in the canard so I will go with your suggestion. A question for the tri gears with the flat canard. How do you set up your pushrod tubes for the bellcranks on the elevators?. Because my canard is flat the bellcrank connection is lower than the top of the fuel tank, and NO, I am not notching out the tank. It will almost impossible to bend the 2024 aluminum tubes, so I was thinking either use 1/2 inch x .035 4130 and either bend, or notch and weld to what I need, maybe even going past the bellcrank and coming back. Something like half a Z, or ,use a 1/2 inch bolt, bend it to the proper angle and then fit it and slide it into some 2024 and hard rivet it in place. I need about 30 degrees to make it work. I think I saw in one of the newsletters they had some type of mechanism on the canard and the control tubes went to this and then back to the bellcrank, but there has to be easier way.

Any thoughts. Thanks------------ Chris

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