Re: Cutting control cable


If the cable is the type that has no fitting on the end then fully withdraw the cable from the sheath that you are shortening. If not possible then try inserting a narrow section of feeler gage steel into the sleeve. It will not afford so much protection from your Dremel city of wheel but will nudge the cable away from the side being cut. I have done a lot of motorcycle cables.  Phil 

On Jan 3, 2021, at 4:54 AM, Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:

Wrap it with masking tape.  Use a die grinder with cutting blade.  You'll use the die grinder for lots of things.
Fly safe.

On Sat, Jan 2, 2021, 9:31 PM John Hoxie via <> wrote:
I need to shorten an armored cable, like a bicycle cable. What's the best way to cut the armor without damaging the strands? 

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