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One Sky Dog


Here are a few.

After a bad day of flying!

Replacement canard and gear and engine on its feet.

Reworked cowl to make space for MS carb. To replace vapor locking TBI carb.

So I still have a problem with right side elevator torque tube alignment with the elevator. I have to drop the canard and cut out the bearing blocks and redo them. Wiring changes, finish rebuilding elevator fairings, engine control hookups and a bunch of other little things. Then start the test flights again. Oh! wheel pants Need to be completed. 

I will have to bring my 20 ft barriers to put around it as it ain’t no Lindy nearing 900 hours and 30+ years, 4 engines, 3 canards, 2 owners.

I can only work on it after the snow melts and the temperatures in Ogden are habitable for camping. I hope next summer will be successful and I can show up in a proper airplane at the FOD.

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Sorry to hear about the Tri-Pacer, Charlie. That is disappointing when you have to get into the engine for repairs. Glad it didn’t give up on you in flight. How was the progress on the D-fly this year?  Got any update photos for the group here?





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I may have already been outed.


No tandem wing flying for me but I have been trading glass for air. I did a Cherokee nose bowl repair. Replaced the factory crappy sandwich stiffeners. He has taken me flying twice and let’s me fly if I want. Did my first right seat take off and landing in a Cherokee 140 last week. We are right in the middle of flying season, cool air, no snow, clear skies, 67 F today. We also landed on the dry lake bed near Wilson Az. and another dirt strip 2500 ft 4200 MSL.


The Oklahoma oil line problem on the Tri-Pacer has resulted in me making a precautionary landing on the way home from Ogden in September. The #2 rod bearing has failed. I do not know the crank condition. Looking at repair options now plane is at Benson hangar.


King of broken airplanes,


Charlie a.k.a. One Sky Dog


On Jan 4, 2021, at 9:46 AM, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

Sounds like the way to go, John. I would take Charlie’s advice.


For those who don’t know Charlie is One Sky Dog. I hope I haven’t blown your “witness protection program” cover, Charlie!





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With all the analysis and getting out the chainsaw equivalent die grinder and pumping up the compressor.


As I used to tell my students power tools are not always faster or better.


With the cable in the spiral determine length. Remove plastic coating if present. With pliers kink the spiral to open up a coil where you want to cut it. File diagonally with the corner of a file to cut half way thru then use pliers to bend back and forth to break at the file cut. Controlled operation no chance of damage to inner cable no slip of the die grinder.


You are the mechanic in charge, 40 years of manufacturing and maintenance. 
Cut many cables.


One Sky Dog


On Jan 3, 2021, at 7:39 PM, John Hoxie via <hoxdesigns@...> wrote:

It has a mutistrand center and I believe spiral wrap. Not sure of material type. Was hesitant to pull the center back because I think the friction may be too much to push it in place later, especially if it collapses slightly. One thing I can try is to raise up one end and put a lube on it to reduce friction. It probably hasn't been lubed in many years. 


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If the cable is the type that has no fitting on the end then fully withdraw the cable from the sheath that you are shortening. If not possible then try inserting a narrow section of feeler gage steel into the sleeve. It will not afford so much protection from your Dremel city of wheel but will nudge the cable away from the side being cut. I have done a lot of motorcycle cables.  Phil 

On Jan 3, 2021, at 4:54 AM, Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:

Wrap it with masking tape.  Use a die grinder with cutting blade.  You'll use the die grinder for lots of things.

Fly safe.



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I need to shorten an armored cable, like a bicycle cable. What's the best way to cut the armor without damaging the strands? 

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