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I used the WW nose bowl As a start. Widened the fuselage at the firewall and morphed the two shapes together.

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 Charlie.. did you base your cowling using the WW 750 nosebowl or did you fab up this unit?   

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Looks like you are getting there, Charlie. It would be great to have both you and Bob show up in two Dragonflies. Bruce would do a little dance he would be so happy! Let me know when you get back up to Ogden again for a spell and I will see if I can make a flight over there in my Q. BTW, I changed the name of the thread to keep up with the conversation.





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Here are a few.




After a bad day of flying!



Replacement canard and gear and engine on its feet.

Reworked cowl to make space for MS carb. To replace vapor locking TBI carb.


So I still have a problem with right side elevator torque tube alignment with the elevator. I have to drop the canard and cut out the bearing blocks and redo them. Wiring changes, finish rebuilding elevator fairings, engine control hookups and a bunch of other little things. Then start the test flights again. Oh! wheel pants Need to be completed. 


I will have to bring my 20 ft barriers to put around it as it ain’t no Lindy nearing 900 hours and 30+ years, 4 engines, 3 canards, 2 owners.

I can only work on it after the snow melts and the temperatures in Ogden are habitable for camping. I hope next summer will be successful and I can show up in a proper airplane at the FOD.



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