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One Sky Dog

My Dragonfly in 1995 with 1835 cc (UN)HAPI engine the side now follows approximately where the cheeks were.

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I did not actually widen the firewall. The Corvair is wider than a VW. On the stock Dragonfly the fuse is 3” wider than at the front of the canard. An aero guy told me that makes the air over the canard move sideways and not a good thing. I glued a wedge of foam to the existing glass and shaped it t morph to the canard.


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 You widened the firewall for extra room within the cabin or due to requirements for the engine mount? 

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I used the WW nose bowl As a start. Widened the fuselage at the firewall and morphed the two shapes together.

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 Charlie.. did you base your cowling using the WW 750 nosebowl or did you fab up this unit?   

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Looks like you are getting there, Charlie. It would be great to have both you and Bob show up in two Dragonflies. Bruce would do a little dance he would be so happy! Let me know when you get back up to Ogden again for a spell and I will see if I can make a flight over there in my Q. BTW, I changed the name of the thread to keep up with the conversation.





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Here are a few.




After a bad day of flying!



Replacement canard and gear and engine on its feet.

Reworked cowl to make space for MS carb. To replace vapor locking TBI carb.


So I still have a problem with right side elevator torque tube alignment with the elevator. I have to drop the canard and cut out the bearing blocks and redo them. Wiring changes, finish rebuilding elevator fairings, engine control hookups and a bunch of other little things. Then start the test flights again. Oh! wheel pants Need to be completed. 


I will have to bring my 20 ft barriers to put around it as it ain’t no Lindy nearing 900 hours and 30+ years, 4 engines, 3 canards, 2 owners.

I can only work on it after the snow melts and the temperatures in Ogden are habitable for camping. I hope next summer will be successful and I can show up in a proper airplane at the FOD.



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