How to navigate our Q-List web site

Sam Hoskins

Here's some how-to-do-it tips. This isn't everything.

Desktop computer: The main site is  Note that plain also works. There is a whole bunch of menu stuff along the left portion of the screen. 

Smartphone: On my Android phone, the menus are at the bottom of the screen. You can tap on the three line "More" to access more menus. Don't know what the Apple stuff looks like.

To start a new topic, click on Messages then New Topic. Please, use this feature. 

To look at photos, click on the Photos link. If you don't already have a photo album, click on New Album and create one.  We prefer you use your real name, and your N Number is good as well. Try not to create multiple albums for yourself. Rather, give the photos a searchable name and that should help us find stuff.

Files: Generally use for reference documents, reprints, packing lists, plans, PDF files, etc. I know there a re a lot of photos there, but they are probably better suited in the Photos section. I am slowly trying to categorize some of these in to coherent folders, such as Packing Lists and W&B information but it's a bit tedious, plus I get kind of bored with it easily. Suggestions are welcome.

Databases: Just two lists here; Completed Aircraft and Valuable Links.

Calendar:  Right now, we're not using it.

Wiki:  Someone want to write one?

Hope this helps.


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