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Bruce Crain

I used Denatured Alcohol.

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Does Alcohol eat the blue/orange foam?  I know gas does but I'm not sure about all the different Alcohols.
Mike Dwyer
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On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 11:36 AM Dorothea Keats <dkeats@...> wrote:
  Sam----------  Saw the video you made and am following that method ,
sort of.  As a homebuilder we modify the heck out of everything.

   I did the micro like you did although I thinned it with alcohol and
applied it much wetter than you. After sanding I am applying primer with
micro with a roller similar to your epoxi wipe.

  I like the charcoal Mike is suggesting , but has anyone ever tried
chalk for a chalk line?  Comes in blue and red and may do similar. I am
an old drywaller and we would add some chalk to drywall mud when you do
final patching so you can identify the spots you worked on.

  I sprayed the bottom lightly last night like Mike suggested. Sanded a
bit this morning and it worked great although I need to let it dry for
another day so as not to clog the paper.  I sand with 120 and 150. 
Works good in my application.

  I installed some more T nuts this morning in the firewall to hold my
oil cooler. Still can't get over how good an idea they are. Could of
used them thirty years ago. Also installed a plywood piece on the header
tank to allow for attaching a terminal block for various grounds.

  Still need to attach some points on the inner fuselage to allow for
attaching wiring and cables.

  Trying to think of everything, but i am bound to slip somewhere.  Take
care---------------  Chris

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