Re: Plus and minus of main wing tips

Sam Hoskins

Looking for speed & performance? IMHO here are the biggies:

Engine cooling efficiency. 
Wheel pant drag
Fairings & fillets
Engine & Propeller upgrades 

Each category can fill a book, but it's all out there. Except for #4, it's mostly elbow grease. 

Sam Hoskins 

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 2:50 PM Mike via <> wrote:
im soon to be a new owner of a standard configuration Q200. I’m wondering what everyone thinks about aerodynamic wing tips for speed and performance?   Or if you think it’s to much work than reward as a afterthought? I’ve seen a couple of Q pictures that have them( Kevin Sheely)  and maybe those folks can chime in also.
thanks in advance 

Mike N

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