Q1 Fuselage and Wing BL00

Eugen Pilarski

Dear Q-Experts,

I have a short question about the assembly of fuselage and the Wing. Please find in the attachment a short cut from fuselage and the Wing BL00.

In the plans on Page 7-8 is a short note in the fuselage: Use Wing BL00 template with leading edge at STA 78.3 and template level line on WL31.0 (16" above W.L.15).

So far so good, but wich point on the Wing BL00 template should connect to the edge at STA 78.3? Is that the point 0 (zero) or 1 (one) or which one on the Wing BL00 template? 

I've read through this 10 times now and still haven't come to a solution. Looks like to miss the obvious ......

Does someone have a suggestion?

Best regards


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