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Jay Scheevel

Hi Eugen,


  1. The foam is cut to size before applying the glass. You will need to round the corners of the cut off edges to allow the glass to lay smoothly across the corner without pulling up to capture an air bubble underneath (see the composite education section of the plans).
  2. Not sure what you are saying here. Keep in mind that I built a Q2 not a Q1, so there are some differences.
  3. You should peel ply the front and back where you will bond it to the bulkhead with flox and glass between the bulkhead and the wing.





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Thank you very much for your response. That will help me again. 


So another question about the fuselage side situation. Please find in the attachment a picture of the fuselage side after glassing, come from the Q1 construction manual.


The questions may sound a bit silly, but for my full understanding below some questions about the fuselage. Maybe I should just put the construction manual aside for two days and think about the process again. I feel like I've gone through the process a hundred times in my head……..



a) Should the shape of the canard and from the wing into the fuselage side be cut out before laminating with fiberglass or is that done later? Judging from the picture in the builders manual, the shape of the canard and wing are not cut out before laminating with fiberglass (see attachment). Am I correct?


b) Should laminating from the inside fuselage side with fiberglass be done on a straight surface? Will the fuselage side still be supple enough after laminating with fiberglass on one side that it will still be possible to contact the fuselage bottom during assembly? Or should the fuselage side also be done on a defenestrated curved run like the fuselage bottom? This is not yet completely clear to me. 


c) Should the laminate, after the resin has been applied, still be covered with peel ply, with the aim of achieving a rough surface for the subsequent bonding? Or is it sufficient to line the contact points of the frames with the peel ply? Or simply leave them out completely and just grind the contact points? 


Thank you very much for your support.


Best regards



Am 27.01.2021 um 17:58 schrieb Paul Fisher <rv7a.n18pf@...>:


I interpreted it to mean the leading edge of the wing - the point farthest forward.  So neither 0 nor 1, but in between them where the nose sticks out the farthest.


At least that's how I did it ~35 years ago!  So far it has been working.


Paul Fisher

Q-200 N17PF - ~1725 hours over 30+ years


On Wed, Jan 27, 2021, 10:39 Eugen Pilarski <interbus@...> wrote:

Dear Q-Experts,

I have a short question about the assembly of fuselage and the Wing. Please find in the attachment a short cut from fuselage and the Wing BL00.

In the plans on Page 7-8 is a short note in the fuselage: Use Wing BL00 template with leading edge at STA 78.3 and template level line on WL31.0 (16" above W.L.15).

So far so good, but wich point on the Wing BL00 template should connect to the edge at STA 78.3? Is that the point 0 (zero) or 1 (one) or which one on the Wing BL00 template? 

I've read through this 10 times now and still haven't come to a solution. Looks like to miss the obvious ......

Does someone have a suggestion?

Best regards




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