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Martin Skiby

I agree with Jay.  Why would you want to risk damage?  If you suspect they are not properly built then build new ones.  I do not believe there has ever been an in flight failure of a wing or Canard.  Except for the one wher they used the area over the main wing for fuel and it got in and dissolved the foam.   

The original Q200 main wing will certainly do some movement, but I was never afraid of it and I flew thru some nasty turbulence.  So much that I nearly knocked myself out hitting the canopy.  Had to lean toward the center and tighten the shoulder straps up to get thru it.   When the wing was damaged from a hanger door falling on it we replaced with a new one with the new layup schedule and it was a little stiffer.

Anyway, that’s my story.   



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     I do not live in Switzerland. And it's more of a curiosity than anything. The often discussed (design) g limits are pretty substantial. I was just curious if anyone had ever tested it out.

1400lb question, I figured as much. I've seen some with 1300 as their listed MTOW, I was just wondering if anyone has pushed it further. 

The Q's and similar designs have just evolved so much since inception with seemingly more capability somehow extracted with each generation of owners. You don't get that with many designs. Most experience some improvement. But the Q's seem to just always have a little more to offer in the right hands..... Hence my curiosity on these things.


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Do you live in Switzerland?  If not, there is no need to do a load test unless you want to damage your wings on purpose. If you feel like your wings are built improperly, you should build new ones, not load test good ones.

I do not recommend trying to take off at 1400 lb’s. I don’t think anyone else would recommend that either.




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Two questions(ok multi part, but two subjects): How many people have done a load test on their wing or canard? If so did you just use the cement bag method and how high did you test to. 


Anyone have a MTOW of 1400lbs or greater and is so what are you using? 


Thanks, Ryan


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